Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Signs of Life!

Hello, blog. Let me acknowledge that posting has not been so steady for the past few months, for two main reasons. 1) Once the contractor was done working on the kitchen, the rate of progress slowed dramatically. Strange! I can't imagine what happened there. So yeah, our DIY projects are to make curtains and tile the backsplash, neither of which has happened. Curtains should be coming soon though, before my mom demands the return of her sewing machine, which I borrowed at least two months ago and have not touched since.

 But! We got rugs. They are stripey and zig-zaggy and are actually indoor/outdoor rugs that can be hosed off for cleaning. I know that makes them sound like they're plasticy, but they're not. And they were found on crazy sales at Fab and Overstock. So, rugs were gotten. A sort-of accomplishment that required no labor.

2) It was winter, y'all, and things just got real hibernatey around here. I dunno. We ate a lot of carbs and embarked on a Battlestar Galactica marathon that was startlingly close to this. Winter wore on and on and on.

Eric got in some quality snowblowing time. 

We both got in some quality deck-shoveling time. 

And that was about it. Daylight was short and laziness overtook us. We are also, budgetarily speaking, not up for another huge or even medium-scale undertaking for a while. So, now that spring is SUPPOSEDLY here, projects will be thrifty. And I am totally okay with that because I think spring itself will do a lot of the heavy lifting. I am planning a vegetable garden. We'll see how that goes. 

These guys might become an issue.

I'm not as worried about the geese, since our neighbor's awesome dog does a great job of chasing them off the yards on our side of the creek. Do geese even interfere with gardens? Beats me. 

As for other, super minor projects, a few weeks ago we took down the sad dirty tarp thing that serves as a windbreak and keeps snow from blowing in to the screen porch. 

Naturally, that was premature and it has snowed again three times since then. Most recently yesterday. 

But whatevs, we've been enjoying the extra light in the living room with the gloomy tarp down. Perhaps one day soon a special miracle will happen and we can actually sit out on the porch.

So that's the update. I'm shaking off winter and embarking on new projects soon. It's like this: 

Minus the cubs. I would have mentioned that. 

Let's talk again soon, okay?