Monday, June 3, 2013

Hardy Hardy Har

One of the projects that was on my list when I took that week off was removing these crazy spreading groundcover plants from one of the front beds. I didn't know what they were, but they were just growing too well for me to believe they were anything other than weeds.

You in-the-know plant people are shifting uncomfortably in your seats right now, because yeah, as it turns out, these are not weeds; they are hardy geraniums

The good news is, I never progressed that far down the list, and then they bloomed, and now I know they are not weeds. The Google machine has informed me that the annuals most of us refer to as geraniums are actually "pelargoniums." True geraniums are perennials. (The more you know.) Therefore I can be lazy and let these continue their march all over that planting bed, and it will still look like I am keeping up my yard respectably. 

In unrelated observations, when I look at this shrub, all I see is it giving me the finger. It's mutual, shrub. 

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