Friday, January 18, 2013

J-Hiccup: Days 2 and 5

As established in my first post on this topic, I will not be adhering religiously to the assignments of the January Cure (also referred to as the January Happiness Cure Project, or "J-Hiccup") so there will be some skipping around and some items that are ignored altogether. But I'm doing stuff! Here is proof.

The assignment for Day 2 was to set up an outbox, which I have renamed Limbo. I also went an extra step and put a Donations box right next to the Limbo box, because I think I'll be ready to send a lot of things away for sure, without the need for the intermediate step. You'll see that the Limbo box was also once a "Recycle" box...

... which was used during my great paper purge and consolidation a few weeks ago. (This is the before photo, just to be clear.) Now Eric's files and my files are merged and streamlined and living happily in two neat boxes. That feels good. 
Day 5's assignment was to pick a project from your initial list to tackle this month. I said I would clean out the little bedroom and I DID.

Yeah... this is embarrassing. This room was a random catchall for junk that somehow didn't make it to the basement. Which includes a pile of costume dresses on the floor. I do not feel the need to explain my costume dress collection to anyone; I'm just a little sheepish that they are on the floor here.  

Here is a random pile of electrical cords, a broken roller shade, a window screen... you know, just stuff that's nice to keep around for ambiance. 
After. There is no longer a dire risk of tripping on the way to the ironing board. Those boxes in the corner are the limbo and donation boxes from the top of the post. 

I left our remaining art to be hung in this corner because I plan to actually do that soon, so this stuff didn't need to be banished to the basement. Also note my prom and homecoming dresses hanging in the closet- part of a massive delivery of stuff my parents brought to our house to get it out of theirs. I guess I could probably move those into storage downstairs as well, or better still, put them in the donation box. 

J-Hiccup progress! More to come.

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