Thursday, January 17, 2013

The January Happiness Cure Project (J-Hiccup): Day 1

I have not fallen off the wagon already since my last post; fear not. Day 1 of the January Cure on Apartment Therapy asks you to go through your place and make a list "noting each area or item that needs a good cleaning, a de-cluttering or a re-organization." I went a little beyond that and also wrote down some more serious long-term project goals, as well as things that I would still like to acquire for the space (kind of the opposite of de-cluttering, but whatever).

This list is probably not going to be that fascinating to anyone who isn't yours truly, but I want to put it down here to refer back to from time to time. So here it is. I'm going to put an asterisk next to any item that will take less than an hour and less than $50 to achieve- the low-hanging fruit! 

Whole House:
Refinish floors and trim
Fix jammed windows
Oil woodwork
Clean louvered doors (I would asterisk this except there are eight and it's going to take longer than an hour. Louvers!)

Swap credenza for bench with storage bins underneath
Deep clean tile & grout
*Dust light fixture
*Hang art
Get shredder for inside closet
*Organize shelves inside closet
*Get tape residue off door
Install screen door

Living room:
Get area rugs for couch and dining areas
Swap out electrical outlets that have been painted
*Hang art
Get bigger dining table
*Declutter bookcase
Get more plants

Screen Porch:
Remove carpet and assess floor underneath (possibly paint that too)
Replace screens
*Install door closer
Get outdoor drapes
Replace exterior awning cover thing

Master bedroom:
*Touch up paint
*Remove old wallpaper swatch exposed by new thermostat
*Paint vent covers

Swap out electrical outlets that have been painted
*Touch up white paint by ceiling fan
*Get new bedskirt
Get new area rug
*Get shelf organizers in closet
Paint fun color/wallpaper inside closet?

En suite: 
*Touch up paint
*Hang art

*Unstick door to medicine cabinet
Add storage of some sort

Deep clean and repair grout 
*Touch up with caulk along tile/wall seams outside shower
Repair shower floor

Add window treatment

Hallway linen closet:
*Organize shelves; add bins & dividers

Remove wallpaper
*Hang art

Hall bath:
Raise hand shower and do something to walls above bath to make it a full shower (either the janky way or the hard way)
Remove wallpaper
Paint walls
Paint vanity inside and out
Add pulls to vanity
Deep clean and repair grout
*Move countertop items to storage inside cabinet doors
Replace window treatment

Little bedroom:
Remove wallpaper
Organize/purge boxes and consolidate downstairs
*Replace curtains (probably need a new rod, but we already have the curtains)

Guest bedroom:
Curtains: dye?, remove tab tops, hang more evenly
Add blackout shade behind curtains
*Fix cable cord in floor situation
*Touch up wood stain on top of nightstand
*Clean out dresser
*Add small upholstered chair from downstairs
*Get and hang art

Install backsplash
Get curtains
Get area rugs
*Hang art
Get plants
*Touch up paint (walls and vent covers)
Whitewash brick on fireplace?
*Remove mirror inside pantry door and add better storage on back of door
Figure out pot lid storage
Paint/wallpaper inside pantry
*Add shelf organizers/bins in pantry
Get drawer organizers
Get chair for desk

Get upholstered cushion for bench
Re-cover vintage chair cushions

Rec room:
Replace ceiling
Install flooring
Replace trim
Get curtains
Replace door to outside
*Figure out random "stuff" situation in back of room

Paint dresser
Mount TV to wall
*Install door closer

Everything (make it a real bedroom)

Prison bathroom: 
Everything (make it a real bathroom)

Storage area:
Purge, organize, label boxes
Organize workshop area
Get new ceiling lights & wire together to switch at door

Laundry room: 
Paint refrigerator
Get new ceiling lights & wire together to switch at door
Paint floor & walls
Move hanging shelves away from metal lockers
Purge & organize hanging shelves

That is the list, as of today. I am ignoring most of the exterior stuff because it is January and I can't think about that right now. The good news is that I started this list last week and I've actually done a few things already. That's right; we finished the basement over the weekend! JUST KIDDING THAT IS A LIE. So there you go, that is your Day 1 update of the January Cure and today is January 17th, just in case you're keeping track at home. 

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