Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Piano men.

The piano is here! Do you know what surprised me about this process? When the appliance delivery guys came, they had these harnesses they wore over their shoulders that strapped underneath the appliances to help them lift things, and it really seemed to work well. So I guess I expected that a piano moving service would have a lot of specialized equipment too. But nope, it was two guys and a moving dolly.

Don't get me wrong, they were friendly and capable guys!

The old girl survived the trip, not to mention a decade in my parents' garage, just fine. The story of how it ended up in there is that when my parents moved from Aberdeen to Sioux Falls 10 years ago, their movers at the time kind of rebelled against moving this into the house, and there wasn't actually a great place for it inside anyway. So in the garage it stayed. 
I think my parents originally found this piano through a classified ad or a flyer or something (pre-Craigslist!) when I was in grade school. It originally had a heavy, dark finish on it and you couldn't even see this wood. My mom painstakingly restored it piece by piece in our driveway, because my mom is bitchin' like that.

I only took lessons for four years before I moved on to the string bass and abandoned this classy lady. I still expected to be able to play a few scales though, so it was a rude awakening when I sat down today and realized that while my brain knows what to do, the muscle memory in my left hand is badly lagging. Fooey! You mean I can't abandon a hobby for like 18 years and expect my skills to stay sharp? Guess I have to get back on the wagon now. I'll buy Eric some earplugs.

Remember way back, a whole three months ago, when the living room looked like this?

That should about do it for living room furniture I think, unless we get something very minor like a plant stand. But curtains are being shipped to me right now, and we also need to hang up our art, so there are still a few changes to be made in this room. It's nice to see the progress though! 

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