Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shiny and New

The new appliances have arrived.

We're feeling pretty good about them, even though the rest of the kitchen isn't nearly ready for them to be installed. So they're just going to hang out in the dining area for a month or two, lookin' all shiny. Our delivery deal from Lowe's included haul-away of the old appliances, but we weren't ready to do that either... except for one appliance.

The Deftones fridge in the basement. I don't know if the delivery guys would have agreed to haul this away if they would have had to lug it up the stairs, but I put it to the guy like, "We're not ready to get rid of our current kitchen fridge, but we do have one in the basement you can take away..." I could see him wavering at this point, but when I added, "and it's a walkout basement..." I could see the scales tip to yes. Victory!

They had to take the doors off to get it through the doorway. This was only the second time I'd actually seen inside of this thing; you can probably see why after I opened it the first time I didn't feel the need to look again. That empty Coors Light box was left by the previous owner, and I guess we should count ourselves lucky that there was nothing else inside.

Bye-bye Deftones fridge!

Hello, my sleek new playthings.

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  1. pure awesome. congrats on the shiny new pretties, and let eric know that i'm fairly certain he has a good chance of making it as a "the price is right" gal. er, guy.