Saturday, November 17, 2012


We have reached the "dust is everywhere" stage of remodeling. I don't think I noticed it as much during the week because it's already dark when we get home from work now, but today when I saw the living room and rec room in natural light I was like, "Oh, okay, this is filthy." 

But I can't care too much about the dust because this makes it all worth it...

Primed drywall (we did that ourselves!) and new plywood on the floor (we did not do that ourselves).

Eh meh geh, cabinets! They started to install these yesterday and will finish next week with the uppers. It's definitely weird to see the island there since that's the biggest change in the layout and it's situated differently than the old peninsula. But I know we'll get used to it. Plus, when the counter is installed on the island it will have an overhang on the back, which will take up some more visual real estate and balance it a little. 
Here's the front side of the island. We may or may not have repeatedly opened and closed the drawers to play with the soft-close feature.

I don't think I've posted anything from this angle before. That's the door to the garage on the left, and the louvered door on the right leads into the living room. There's also a pantry closet in that little passageway but it's not part of the remodel, except for the light we're having installed above it. If I get real handy someday I might install slide-out shelves in it.

There's the latest. Next week they'll finish the cabinet installation and start on the floor. Originally they had planned to install the floor first, but then we chose a "floating" floor instead of a glue-down kind and apparently it's better to install that after cabinets. I'm just glad the plywood is down now to keep more debris from falling into the laundry room. 

I will leave you with a thrilling flooring preview:

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