Friday, November 9, 2012

Walls and Insulation and Ponies and Butterflies

I came home to find a strange man on stilts in my house today, but no biggie, he was just mudding drywall and now we have glorious new waaalllsss. Thank you, strange man on stilts!

I should back up. Before the drywall, they did electrical work and an inspection on that, then sprayed this lovely new insulation so it will no longer be freezing when you reach inside our cabinets. 
Here's a view of some of our new pot lights, as well as the hole in the ceiling where the ugly fixture used to be.

Now it's starting (just starting) to look like a room! The drywall process is actually moving faster than we'd anticipated. Since we told our contractor that we'd prime and paint on our own as a cost-saving measure, today he sent me an email to say that the walls would be ready for priming on Tuesday. Eep! I had not quite pieced together in my head how that workflow would go, but I guess it does make sense to do it now and avoid having to tape off all the cabinets, etc. But I don't think we'll be able to decide on a paint color without the other elements in the room (particularly the counter, which we don't have a sample of). So I may have to settle for just priming on Tuesday and do the actual painting the hard way after everything is installed. I have not yet run this idea by the contractor to check if that's idiotic.
 That's the latest! Things are really moving along. We actually breathed a big sigh of relief last week when the demo didn't uncover any tragic issues inside the walls. As previously stated, I watch way too much HGTV, so I had kind of steeled myself for a problem at that stage. Instead it's been swift progress. Hope I didn't jinx anything by saying that.

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