Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oh (Possessed Elf) Christmas Tree

In 10 years of dorm and apartment living, I never had the space or the inclination to mess with a Christmas tree. But last Christmas finally seemed like the time to get one. We were still in the condo then, so we wanted something mini-sized. This year, although we finally have the space for something bigger, we're sticking with the same one. While it may be a little under-scaled for the living room, it's the right scale for our budget at the moment. I just put it up tonight and it makes me happy happy.

Here she is. It's a four-foot tall economy special from Target, and no, actually that is not a flaming pentagram on top. 
It's a vintage elf tree topper with crazy flashing lights. I went on a manic eBay search last year for the ideal tree topper, and when I came across this one there was just no question. (If you are similarly enthralled, search for "Pixie Circle of Light." They can usually be found for around $15.) 

Among Eric's many wonderful qualities is that when I seize on an idea like this, he is usually happy to go along for the ride. (See also: peacock gravel art.) I posted a picture of this guy on Facebook last year, and my friend Jess wrote, "That thing is going to come alive while you sleep." Alive with holiday spirit, amirite?!
My mom collects a dated bulb for every year, and last year she had this one made for us to start our own collection. My mom is swell.
Happy holidays, y'all! I hope your month ahead is filled with warmth and sanity.

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