Thursday, August 9, 2012

Breaking News re: Recycling

OMG, y'all, the city of St. Louis Park is taking bids for single-sort recycling. This is exciting in that just today, as I was taking our two full bins of paper and containers down to the curb I was thinking that it was annoying. My parents have single-sort in Sioux Falls and their system even has this electronic eye thingy that gives them tiny cash bonuses for the quantity they recycle. That is some Big Brotherism I can get behind.

Anyway, yes, someone submit a winning bid for single-sort and save me a WHOLE LABORIOUS TRIP up and down my driveway. But they're not going to figure this out for six months or so, and meanwhile we will be re-doing our kitchen, so the question IS, how many recycling bins do we design into the cabinetry, hmmmmmmm??? Crisis. Total crisis here.

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