Friday, August 24, 2012

The "Before" Post

My family visited a few weeks ago and my dad was nice enough to take a bunch of photos, as I still couldn't locate my camera. Now I've found it, but why duplicate the work? You'll see that I've made no effort in these photos to conceal the messes. That's right, we're all about transparency here. I should point out, because my dad would be offended if I didn't, that he sent me very high quality images but I've made them crappy quality for fast blog posting purposes. (This will also have the side effect of making our "after" shots look better!) So without further ado, the photo tour:

Here's the front entry. When we came for our first viewing, these vintage tiles had me at hello.   

Opposite view of the entry. The paneling stays. I'm serious. Also note the groovy light fixture. 

The master bedroom. On the morning of my parents' visit, Eric woke up and tried to pull the window sheers open a little too enthusiastically, which semi-broke the rod. Which was actually fine, because my mom wanted to help us with a project that weekend. So we made a project of installing new drapes.

Here's Eric, me, and a sliver of my mom working on the drapes. Also, my heinie. 

Here's the guest bedroom, which we made all presentable for my brother and his girlfriend to stay in. Like in the master bedroom, the window treatments in this room came with the house. That stupid roller shade fell down later in the day. It was a bad day for window treatments. 
The hallway bath. I have plans for this room that involve ironic wallpaper. Just trust me.
The master bath. It's pretty little and not in great condition, but hey! An en suite in a 1960s home? We'll take it.
Here's the littlest bedroom, i.e., where all of our art is hanging out with assorted unpacked boxes. Fun fact: Not one, but two of these boxes are labeled "Bobbleheads."
The living room. This rattan furniture set is a hand-me-down from Eric's mom. Someday it will go on the screen porch, but for now it's just setting a nice tropical tone with the big palm that the seller left (before plant life and maintenance became a bone of contention between us). 
Opposite view of the living room. That fireplace surround is this crazy textured coppery thing, and was another of the original features that had me saying "where do we sign?"
On the other hand, this is the kitchen. To summarize, the oven, hood, half the stove, dishwasher and garbage disposal are broken. Also everything you see here, including the backsplash, is wood-grain laminate. Sooo... yeah. 

But! Redeeming feature: the kitchen opens onto this little casual dining room. The stools and steamer trunk are arranged in this grouping because I hit my head on that chandelier one too many times when nothing was underneath it.

And, double redeeming feature: There's a fireplace! In the kitchen! 

So this is just a partial tour and I still need to post on the basement and outside, but there you have it. Enough of a project to occupy me for a decade or two.

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