Friday, August 24, 2012

Takin' Care of Business

... and we're back! I know there was a little gap in posting there, but that's okay because I have zero readers at this point. By design! I need better content on here before the big public launch, duh. To that end, it's now been five and half weeks since we moved in, and here is a big old list of PROJECTS that have been ACCOMPLISHED:

1. Got the locks changed.
2. Got a big old package of electrical work done. This included: a) changing the fuse box to circuit breakers, b) installing fans in two bathrooms, c) swapping the ceiling fan in the master bedroom for a better one, d) relocating a weirdly placed light switch in the hallway bath, e) installing a new outlet in the hallway bath so we'd have one on both sides of the vanity, and f) installing a doorbell. (There was kinda sorta an existing doorbell but it was part of the broken retro intercom in the house and we were told it would be trouble and pain to fix. That was a bummer, because how awesome would it be to have a functioning retro intercom?)
3. Got the irrigation system diagnosed. Can you diagnose something that's dead? I guess we got it autopsied.
4. Got the chimneys swept and a chimney cap installed.
5. Got our ducts cleaned. That. Was. Disgusting.

We called in the big guns and hired professionals for all of the projects above, but lest you think we are hopelessly unhandy, I would like you to know that...

6. We hung new drapes in our bedroom, and
7. then I painted it.

AND, I've finally got a semi-functional camera so I can actually show you around this place. This calls for a new post.

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