Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sprinkler Justice

Oh haha, universe. I have brought this on myself. In that last post when I was all, "Hey sprinkler guys, take my money!" the cosmos interpreted that very seriously. Jeff Spicoli finally came over and confirmed that the sprinklers are very, very broken. It's an old system that was not properly winterized at some point, and the PVC pipe in the ground is cracked beyond repair. So it cost us $250 for Jeff Spicoli to diagnose, and his recommended fix is a new system for $2700. Hahahaha, Jeff Spicoli, no, I'm sorry, that cannot happen this year.

The thing IS, though, that the seller should pay for this because she was a lying liar on her disclosure form, and also the one responsible for not winterizing them. We talked to our realtor about it and she said that we can get in touch with the seller and request/demand money for it. We can also take her to small claims court. Fun! Of course, even if you win in small claims court it can still be difficult to actually collect, but I am not ruling this option out, because JUSTICE.

The good news is that National Night Out is next week so I am looking forward to trash-talking her with everyone because that will be a really mature way to introduce myself to the neighborhood.

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