Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jeff Spicoli, the sprinkler man, and also I'm a giant.

Well the sprinkler guy didn't come on Monday. I called him about an hour after he was supposed to have come over, and I will give him credit for not even trying to lie to me. He said, "Oh man... I forgot!" in a voice that was startlingly similar to Jeff Spicoli's. Are all sprinkler guys flakes? Because this guy was actually the second one I contacted; the first one never returned my message. Does no one want to take my money? Attention, sprinkler men: I am highly motivated to give you money for fixing my sprinklers. Please. Come get the money. This lawn is preparing its Last Will and Testament. The lawn is making amends with its estranged family members. It is preparing to shuffle off its mortal coil. Please come and intervene here.

In other news, I have arrived at a temporary solution to the blow dryer/disheveled hair issue: a low wattage travel blow dryer! Used it for the first time this morning and there was a nary a RRRRRrrrRRRR to be heard. At 1000 watts and 125 volts, this little honey only uses 8 amps, provided that I have a correct understanding of how these things are calculated. (Never guaranteed!) I could almost run two at once without blowing a fuse. Talk about luxury!

Also, as a bonus, it is so tiny I can pretend I'm a giant when I hold it. Pretending to be a giant: just another perfectly logical benefit of owning an old house.

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