Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chaise Louaise

Well that was impulsive. We kind of just had a little furniture binge. It's pretty much my fault, but I must say that Eric was a very willing accomplice. 

It all started because I've been scanning Craigslist on a pretty regular basis in hopes of finding a nice living room set on the cheap. Some contenders popped up over the weeks, but there always seemed to be some issue. The upholstery was white, or it was in Hudson, Wisconsin, or the person had too many typos in their listing and I didn't trust them... you know, logical stuff like that. But then I found some listings from Cort Furniture, which is a company that rents out furniture for corporate rentals and then re-sells the used stuff. According to their website, "All furniture that is returned from rental is cleaned, reconditioned, repaired if necessary and offered for sale at up to 70% off the price of new retail." And I figured they probably delivered too, which would save us the trouble of figuring out how to get a Craigslist purchase home. So we went to check it out after work yesterday. 

It was pretty evident when we got there that they are interpreting that whole "cleaning, reconditioning, and repairing" thing very loosely. Stuff was meh, at best. We didn't last very long browsing. But then we decided to stop by the Hom Furniture in Bloomington since we were nearby, just to compare costs of used versus mid-range new furniture. 

And so yeah, then we bought a living room set. It was a floor model on clearance, so we are saving some cash there. And I realize that furniture stores mark everything on sale basically all the time, but... but... it was this whole TENT SALE thing, and then the lady gave us an EXTRA 10 PERCENT OFF... and it really will fit our space nicely and turn up the style in a way that would have been difficult to achieve via Craigslist. And in case you don't recall the current style of the living room, here's a reminder: 

The rattan set used to be in Eric's mom's sunroom. She was going to call some junk haulers to take it away, but then we volunteered to take it off her hands. The seats reallllyy need to be recovered...
... as you can see here. Still, we're glad to have this set and it's helped make the living room habitable for the past month. 
The big armchair at the fore here is staying. This shot shows the relation of the living room set to the fireplace. 

From the position of the loveseat, you're lined up with the fireplace. This is the best shot I've posted so far of the groovy copper fireplace surround. I want to find a vintage metal wall sculpture to hang there... 

... because it will be one of the best seats in the house on our new chaise! I love saying CHAISE. This is a catalog shot, obviously, but here's the set. We're getting the sofa, chaise and chair, although our chair is in a different pattern. 

So yes, kind of an impulse purchase, but we knew it would be necessary pretty quickly; just hadn't decided when to pull the trigger. This will also let us put the rattan set out on our screen porch and be able to enjoy a bit of fall sitting out there. The irony is that I thought buying from a store would make it easy because they'd deliver, but Hom actually doesn't deliver floor models so we have to get a U-haul anyway. Thhbbbt. And it's the first weekend of the month so U-hauls are pretty booked up with apartment movers. I reserved one for Monday morning, and when I called the store to tell them we were coming then to pick it up, the guy was like, "Actually, Monday isn't the best time; we'll be really busy on the floor that day." So then I was like, "Oh, I'm sorry, did we inconvenience you by purchasing furniture from your furniture store???" 

No, I just wish I'd said that. Instead I did the Minnesotan thing and said, "Well, that's the only time we can come for it, so..." 

And that's how we furnished the living room. 

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