Sunday, September 30, 2012

We did all the things.

I cannot even convey how good it feels to be sitting down right now. All those things I said we had lined up for Saturday? Yeah, we did all the things. We grabbed this weekend by the lapels and made out with it.

Firewood delivery, check. We were indeed first on the firewood service's delivery route, so this showed up at 6:30 a.m. I sleepily backed the car out of the garage and only partially ran over the lawn as the delivery guy watched. 
Craigslist table and chairs, CHECK. This heavenly light accurately represents how I feel about this purchase. It was $150, which is so much less than a new set would have cost, and this one has character for miles. 
I am so in love with the lines on these chairs. I'll eventually re-cover the seats but the existing vinyl will do for now. 

I also love the laminate pattern. I had been looking for one of the classic retro patterns like boomerangs or cracked ice, but I really like how unusual this is. Side note: the painter's tape on the floor is from when I taped out the dimensions of the new kitchen cabinets and island. We didn't have a table then but I roughed out a few different sizes with tape just to see our options. 
Cram all our trash into the car and take it to the city service center, check. 
Most tiring of all: Get started on painting the living room, check. Here's our ceiling color. I know what you're thinking: we should have stopped right here and called it good in this beautiful tri-color corner. 
But I kept going and now our color scheme is a little less schizo. 
I only got halfway through, but am feeling good about the progress. 
Here's the view from the other side where you can see the remaining half that needs to be done. Funny story: remember when I painted the bathroom ceiling with my safety goggles? I decided that I didn't need to wear them this time because I was in a less confined space and not so directly under the extension pole with the paint roller on it. So you know where this story is going, right?
Yeah, cue the paint in my eye. I got really lucky that I either happened to blink right as this hit or my brain registered it coming without me being conscious of it, but either way I managed to avoid a direct hit on the eyeball. This was real fun to get out of my eyelashes. Note to self: do not skip safety goggles when painting ceilings. (Also please note my hott, paintin'-all-day hair.)
And there is more ceiling painting in the very near future, as I'm aiming to get this room done within the next couple of days. In fact, preferably before The Current's membership drive starts on Wednesday, because I don't want to be painting with that on in the background. More to come!

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  1. i have some serious table envy right now. that is a thing of beauty. and love the color you chose for the wall! my, the projects never end. but you guys are doing awesome. way to keep with it!