Friday, September 28, 2012

Working for the Weekend

Well, today brought disappointing personal news, gang, but I am not even going to let it bring me down. Nuh-uh. Too much to do. Big day ahead. Don't even. Nope. I will not. Moving on.

Plans for tomorrow include the following:
1) At some point which may or may not be 6:30 a.m., we are receiving a delivery of a cord of firewood. Theoretically this is going to fit in the garage in front of our cars. There used to be an old cabinet there but not 10 minutes ago Eric pushed it into the corner all by himself like a mountain man. The firewood people are calling us later tonight to let us know where we are on the delivery route. If we are first, it will be 6:30. What is a "cord"? It's like 8' by 4' by 3' or something; I don't quite remember. This is like regulated by the state weights and measures division, and the internet is crawling with official definitions of what a cord is. To me, if it looks like a giant pile of wood that will burn in a fireplace, I am going to call it good. Let's start some stuff on fire in a responsible and homey way. Sounds good, thanks.

2) At 9:00 a.m., I am going to Crystal to look at and hopefully purchase a vintage Formica table and chairs I found on Craigslist. It may seem like jumping the gun on this purchase, since we will not have a kitchen to put these things in for the next three to four months, but the issue is that we are building a bench into the bay window in the dining area*, and hence we will need to know our table measurements in order to determine where to center the lighting fixture over the table when it is pulled up next to the bench. Does that make sense? Whatever. I don't need your approval, internet!  

3) Somewhere between the hours of 8:00 and 1:00 we need to pack our two broken-up toilets, broken PVC pipe from our broken in-ground sprinklers, and broken water softener into our car and take them to the St. Louis Park Fall Clean-up Day. These are things that you can't put out with your ordinary household trash for weekly pickup. So, if you're like us, you leave them in your backyard for a month or more, collecting leaves and nature bits and whatnot, until fall clean-up day arrives and you can take them to some rando service center and pay the nice people to get them out of your hair. 

Here is a bunch of PVC pipe that Jeff Spicoli dug up in August and that has been in our backyard ever since. Because we are classy.

Here is our old water softener, which, again, we've been storing in the backyard because we are all class. The plumber took away the old water heater for some reason, but not the softener. Maybe because this is filled with salt. Also, the yellow box next to it is a cat-litter box that the previous owner left behind in the garden. VALUE-ADD. Also, cut off in the frame here is the old utility sink that I am compelled to keep because I think something can be done with it, though I don't know what yet. Pinterest, show me the way. 
4) Probably we are going to purchase paint and supplies and begin working on painting the living room. We have been thinking about this very carefully. How carefully?

Maybe too carefully. We sampled 10 colors. 

We didn't sample all 10 in one go. We started with two and didn't love either of them, then tried another four. At this point we kind of liked one, the left swatch in the second row down in this photo. But we left it there for a week or so and then Eric started calling it "dentist's office green" and we asked ourselves if we were being wussy about choosing a deeper color. So then we sampled four deeper colors and determined yes, we HAD been wussy. We're going with the left swatch on the third row down. It will be deep and dark and groovy.

5) Our musician friend is performing at a block party in the evening, which sounds like a nice break after a day of driving all over creation and lifting heavy things and taking care of business. 

So those are the weekend plans. Way too much to do to indulge in any mopey-ness, and anyway, I have already forgotten what I was bummed about. Not really. But I will. (Not.) But it doesn't matter. Because I'm over it. 
* It is a little-known federal code that if you have a bay window, you must build in a bench. True fact. 

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