Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chaise en Place

The living room set is heeeeere, and geez, it really fills the room. One last review:


Okay, yes, there's kind of a drastic style difference between our old armchair and the new set, but they will just have to play nice together. I put one of the throw pillows on the armchair to help it tie in. Gonna call it eclectic and claim it was all planned this way. 
Meanwhile, the chair that came with the set is hanging out up against the wall. From here, it can easily be pulled up to the grouping if we're having a get-together, but it doesn't get in the way otherwise. You may be wondering why we wouldn't just put the olive armchair here and put this chair directly next to the rest of the set, but the armchair is kind of a beast and takes up a lot more space. Also, I love this groovy pattern next to the paneled wall. 

We knew the chaise would be a lot bigger than the old loveseat and actually taped out the size of it on the floor before we called the store to finalize the sale. But there's just about the right amount of room between the end of the chaise and the fireplace. 

We had a laugh when we got it all home and realized that the upholstery was nearly identical to our sectional in the basement. That's a cushion from the new set on the left and the sectional on the right. In person, it's even more obvious how close they are. I guess we like what we like.

Overall, we're super happy with it. It'll be great for entertaining, it's great by the fireplace, and it's actually really comfortable, which I don't think you can say about all furniture of this style. It also helps to bring in more of a midcentury modern tone to the room, other than the paneled wall and fireplace. Finally, for longevity's sake, I'm really glad it has unattached pillows and cushions, so we can rotate and fluff things as necessary. It might sound like a chore, but we're used to doing it with the sectional downstairs and would much prefer that to attached cushions that can't be removed and just get pancaked over time. (Not to name names, but Eric had a set like that as a bachelor and it... was very bachelory.)

Now we're trying to pick a paint color to unify everything and get rid of that odd red accent wall. We've sampled two so far (you can see samples on the walls in a few of these photos) but I don't think either of them is the winner. 

We're also hoping to get my family piano out of my parents' garage, but I haven't gotten a quote yet for how much that move might cost. (They're four hours away.) We think the piano will go against the wall where the tall bookshelf is, and at that point this room will be plumb full! 

Anyone want a massive potted palm?

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